Bee Natural in Running for FEDEX Small Business Grant

Fedex ‘Think Bigger’ Small business Grant contest launched February 13. A $25,000 grand prize along with several additional cash awards are up for grabs. Based on what we at Bee Natural have seen, there around 1700 small businesses participating.

At least part of deciding the winner will have to do with the public vote via social media. You can vote once a day via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram – and according to our understanding, you can vote on EACH of those social media sites once a day. So if you love Honeypots and our mission, please go to our homepage and click on the FEDEX link – it will take you right to Bee Natural’s voting page! Vote for Bee Natural, every day you can, between now and March 17!

Thanks! (I think you can follow the link in the comments below as well..)

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Floatoshoot Tour: Florida

Triple Type Honeypot glowing with Main Street Bridge in background. Downtown Jacksonville, Florida

To see more Floatoshoot pictures and learn about the River Network and Waterkeeper Alliance organizations, please visit our Pinterest board:

Triple Type Honeypot glowing with Main Street Bridge in the background

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New “Lumina” Honeypot line for Bee Natural’s 20th Anniversary!

This gorgeous Honeypot projects candle light all across the walls of a dark room. The the carved designs flicker in a spellbinding celebration of soft light! Series in development include the Classic, Cathedral, Cameo-filigree and Henna. Certain styles are available in limited quantities now. E-mail or call for more details and watch for general availability in late August! We will post photos of the new styles as they come out of the hiveworks.

Classic carved style - Daisies and Dragonflies.

Bee Natural's newest bright idea!

Classic carved style - Daisies and Dragonflies.

Bee Natural's newest bright idea!

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Honeypot ‘Floatoshoot’ pics now on Pinterest

Visit our new Floatoshoot board  at:

Protect our clean water and protect your watershed. Buy a Honeypot beeswax luminary. Twenty-five percent of your retail purchase goes to the Waterkeeper Alliance member organization of your choice.

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Prince William Soundkeepers Join the Floatoshoot Initiative

We would like to thank Kate McLaughlin and the Prince William Soundkeepers for joining us in the Floatoshoot Initiative. We look forward to working with their team and bringing awareness to their cause.

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Southern Distinction publishes Common Waters: Fighting for Healthy Waterways by Creighton Cutts

Southern Distinction June 2012 cover

Southern Distinction published Common Waters: Fighting for Healthy Waterways by environmentalist and Bee Natural owner Creighton Cutts.

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New Reward today on!

Honeypot Floatoshoot Bumbersticker!
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Can We Learn the Difference?

Forty years of lost toys

Forty years of lost toys

For forty years my dad, Doc, has gathered up every piece of trash he has found in the creek that flows past our home. He took almost all of it to the dump. But every toy he has found he saved, stashed away in our barn, even long after his 4 boys had grown and left to find our own lives. Why? Because when we were kids discovering the treasures of youth, we didn’t know the difference. And he loves remembering… But is it Art?

But is it art?

But is it art?

Please be a part of our Honeypot Floatoshoot Project live now at! Search ‘Honeypots’, vote yes with just a $1.00 pledge, watch the video, ‘like’ it and share it with your friends
You can help make this type of ‘Art’ impossible by helping us  to teach people the difference! Thank you from all of us at Bee Natural.

My Brother Bert helping out!

My brother Bert and I used to play with some of this!

My brother Bert helping me pull all this former flotsam out of the barn and onto our bridge over Puckett Creek. (Russ helped too, thanks)

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Rain! Slows Queen Anne’s Lace collecting -speeds up Kickstarter Project!

Insider’s update:

The “Honeypot Floatoshoot” Kickstarter Project ‘awareness party’ at the Globe here in Athens (the first place I ever publicly showed my Honeypots some 17+ years ago) is now in the books. I was thrilled to see several of my longtime supporters helping explain the bigger picture about my little Art Project to the unsuspecting masses – well, maybe it wasn’t that crowded – Thanks Maria Camila for helping me set up and Taylor for being so positive even in light of having to hear the same old stories yet again! And AJ, thanks for the Banner! You are the BOMB! I hope the folks from Asheville (Mountain Lights is the shop there that sells Honeypots) and Louisiana who won Honeypots in the drawing can spread the word as well!

The Honeypot Floatoshoot Project is 37% funded, 43% through the campaign. On the surface it might look look a little sluggish, but it’s not. The total amount pledged so far is artificially low! We have been trying to pull off a local grassroots $1.00 pledge campaign to see if we could fund it with Athens support alone. There are a number of folks that have already pledged (including my Mom and, whether you choose to believe it or not, my Ex-wife tossed in a lot more than a buck! – thanks Ashley you are a true sport) who chipped in $1.00 that would have contributed a good deal more. But those $1.00 pledges, combined with ‘likes’ on the video and sharingpassing it along with a note that it is worth the trouble to pledges even just one dollar, are golden. Every pledge, regardless of the amount, is a vote on Kickstarter in their Popularity engine and increases the visibility for ‘our little art project’! By countdown day 15 (three days from April 18-today) we will begin to recruit those waiting in the wings to pledge more and I will call the 600 or so gift shops that sell Honeypots and ask them to pledge at least a buck. So we’ll fund it. But the ‘one dollar at a time’ way would be more fun!

The sheer number of pledges, not the amount of each drive visibility!

5th 'Most Popular' rank in the nation in Kickstarter Art Projects puts us ON THE LANDING PAGE!

Twenty five one dollar pledges a day would almost certainly keep us in the 3rd position or higher almost constantly.

Remember, it is that you pledge that counts, not the amount!

Thanks, Creighton

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