Can We Learn the Difference?

Forty years of lost toys

Forty years of lost toys

For forty years my dad, Doc, has gathered up every piece of trash he has found in the creek that flows past our home. He took almost all of it to the dump. But every toy he has found he saved, stashed away in our barn, even long after his 4 boys had grown and left to find our own lives. Why? Because when we were kids discovering the treasures of youth, we didn’t know the difference. And he loves remembering… But is it Art?

But is it art?

But is it art?

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You can help make this type of ‘Art’ impossible by helping us  to teach people the difference! Thank you from all of us at Bee Natural.

My Brother Bert helping out!

My brother Bert and I used to play with some of this!

My brother Bert helping me pull all this former flotsam out of the barn and onto our bridge over Puckett Creek. (Russ helped too, thanks)

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