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Bee Natural in Running for FEDEX Small Business Grant

Fedex ‘Think Bigger’ Small business Grant contest launched February 13. A $25,000 grand prize along with several additional cash awards are up for grabs. Based on what we at Bee Natural have seen, there around 1700 small businesses participating. At … Continue reading

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Floatoshoot Tour: Florida

Triple Type Honeypot glowing with Main Street Bridge in background. Downtown Jacksonville, Florida To see more Floatoshoot pictures and learn about the River Network and Waterkeeper Alliance organizations, please visit our Pinterest board:

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New “Lumina” Honeypot line for Bee Natural’s 20th Anniversary!

This gorgeous Honeypot projects candle light all across the walls of a dark room. The the carved designs flicker in a spellbinding celebration of soft light! Series in development include the Classic, Cathedral, Cameo-filigree and Henna. Certain styles are available … Continue reading

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Honeypot ‘Floatoshoot’ pics now on Pinterest

Visit our new Floatoshoot board  at: Protect our clean water and protect your watershed. Buy a Honeypot beeswax luminary. Twenty-five percent of your retail purchase goes to the Waterkeeper Alliance member organization of your choice.

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Prince William Soundkeepers Join the Floatoshoot Initiative

We would like to thank Kate McLaughlin and the Prince William Soundkeepers for joining us in the Floatoshoot Initiative. We look forward to working with their team and bringing awareness to their cause.

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Southern Distinction publishes Common Waters: Fighting for Healthy Waterways by Creighton Cutts

Common Waters
By: Creighton Cutts
Something profound happened in Portland, Oregon, this past May that has never happened before, anywhere. In recognition of the 40th anniversary of the 1972 U.S. Clean Water Act, two national (and international) environmental organizations, the River Network and the Waterkeeper Alliance, combined their annual conferences into one event, the River Rally. Over seven hundred dedicated Water Warriors (including many representing the southeast U.S.) gathered to become more focused, more efficient and more powerful. We can only hope that it is not too late. Pollution, water depletion and encroachment have compromised the health of all southeastern rivers and lakes and all life (including us) that depends on them. Continue reading

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New Reward today on!

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Can We Learn the Difference?

For forty years my dad, Doc, has gathered up every piece of trash he has found in the creek that flows past our home. He took almost all of it to the dump. But every toy he has found he … Continue reading

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Rain! Slows Queen Anne’s Lace collecting -speeds up Kickstarter Project!

Honeypot Floatoshoot Project on Kickstarter NOW! Every pledge counts as a vote! Please watch the video,
‘like’, pledge – even just $1.00 – and share with your friends! And then lets watch what happens! Continue reading

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