Springing for flowers!

While waiting to abscond with the first azaleas to bloom this season, I suppose I ran out of excuses not to begin blogging.

The bees are still mostly cobbled up in their hives but definitely getting cabin fever, or, brood chamber fever, to be a bit more precise.  We will begin flower collecting (and pressing) in earnest as soon as my wife heads off for a couple of days to hang out with my mom and I can pillage her pansies and pilfer her periwinkles.  The next round of floral acquisition will involve diverting dogwoods and daisies.  Then we’ll heist the hydrangeas cop a few cosmoses. Queen Anne’s lace acquisition in the heat of the summer is ongoing along with swiping selaginella. When fall drops in then we’ll get ginkgo leaves and make of with maples, too!

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