Bee Natural in Running for FEDEX Small Business Grant

Fedex ‘Think Bigger’ Small business Grant contest launched February 13. A $25,000 grand prize along with several additional cash awards are up for grabs. Based on what we at Bee Natural have seen, there around 1700 small businesses participating.

At least part of deciding the winner will have to do with the public vote via social media. You can vote once a day via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram – and according to our understanding, you can vote on EACH of those social media sites once a day. So if you love Honeypots and our mission, please go to our homepage and click on the FEDEX link – it will take you right to Bee Natural’s voting page! Vote for Bee Natural, every day you can, between now and March 17!

Thanks! (I think you can follow the link in the comments below as well..)

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