Floatoshoot tour – Savannah, St. Johns, Satilla & Altamaha Rivers

Talmadge Bridge, Savannah River

Bee Natural’s campaign to raise awareness of the plight of our environment continues. We are all mortally dependent on a healthy watershed (as are Honeybees). Therefore, it makes sense that we focus our efforts on highlighting the work of the Waterkeepers! We call the project Bee Natural has embarked on the “Floatoshoot Tour.”  The goal is to take pictures of our beeswax Honeypots on (and around) every body of water that the US Waterkeepers are protecting. This means Riverkeepers, Lakekeepers, Bayoukeepers Soundkeepers, Gulfkeepers etc. Starting in the Southeast (where we already are since we live here!) we have begun to capture the unique beauty that our critical and delicate waterways have to offer, while showcasing our own hand made Honeypot luminaries in a way that makes our bees proud! REMEMBER 25% of your purchase is donated to the Riverkeeper of your choice. Just type the name of your River in the ‘comments’ section on the order form! 

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