Honeypots in Charleston

Daybreak in Charleston

cherubic trespasser

There are some places that are just perfect for taking pictures of Honeypot luminaries. Charleston, South Carolina is one of those places. Wow!

I was there on a Saturday in January for a “Floatoshoot” on the Charleston Harbor for Bee Natural’s Waterkeeper Alliance campaign. Due to the distractions of the town the evening before (the least of which was Newt Gingrich staying in the same hotel that I was in due to bizarre twists of timing and fate) I found myself at the Battery on the harbor about 40 minutes before sunrise, Sunday morning. Normally, I prefer to do my photography in twilight to get the Honeypots glowing in the fading light of another day floating on scenic waterways. But this time it was set up in the dark and watch the day begin. That worked out well for two reasons: 1) Sunrise on the Carolina shores allows for some good back lighting for the Honeypots and 2) I was not in the mood to trudge through the thick estuarine mud to position the candles for a water shot facing west.

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