Honeypot Floatoshoot Campaign Launched on Kickstarter!

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1029953918/honeypot-floatoshoot-tour-1First 24 Hours a success! Keep up the pace and we’ll double the $12,000.00 Goal! Thanks to all the supporters so far. Remember even the $1.00 Pledge helps drive the Popular Project ratings and can really help!

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Spring early in Athens (and lots of other places, too)

We are swamped with dogwood blossoms and azaleas! Got to pick as hard and fast as we can to put enough away for the rest of the year. Normally, azaleas come out a couple of weeks ahead of the peak dogwood bloom, but this year everything has busted loose all at once!

Andrea gathers dogwoods for pressing

Andrea gathers dogwoods for pressing

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Talmage Bridge

Talmage Bridge

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Charleston Waterkeeper protects their Harbor

Isaiah Nelson,  the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Charleston Waterkeeper (Charleston Harbor in South Carolina) has offered some insight about where they are currently focusing expertise & resources to best serve and protect their beautiful Harbor and one of our country’s precious resources.

Find out more at:  http://charlestonwaterkeeper.org/

Learn about & support your  local Waterkeeper at: http://waterkeeper.org/

Water Quality Monitoring Program
As a data driven organization, Charleston Waterkeeper is heavily reliant on science and empirical information to support our educational programs, community outreach, and advocacy campaigns.  We have embarked on the development of a water quality monitoring program- created to identify and resolve water pollution issues throughout Charleston’s Waterways.

Holy Sewage Campaign and Permitted Polluters
The Holy Sewage campaign highlights the state of sewage treatment in the Charleston Harbor watershed.  Charleston Waterkeeper strives to educate the public about water quality issues associated with sewage treatment and focuses on regular monitoring of all permitted polluters to ensure that facilities are in compliance with their particular permit.

Stormwater Monitoring Program
Stormwater runoff is one of the biggest contributors to water pollution in the Lowcountry.  We have set out to monitor the threat of stormwater pollution by following the problem backwards.  We monitor the outfall pipes of stormwater runoff, determine the types of pollution present, and determine the source.  This approach allows us to target our outreach to specific behaviors and actions on land.

Three interesting facts about the Charleston Harbor:

We have all three – fresh, brackish and saltwater within our system.

The Ashey and Cooper river form to create the downtown peninsula

Charleston Harbor (our watershed) is the site where the Civil War started!

And if you are planning to be in the neighborhood April 05, 2012, don’t miss their annual Waterball to be held at the South Carolina Aquarium!  Tickets will be available in advance at:  thewaterball.org

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Honeypots in Charleston

Daybreak in Charleston

cherubic trespasser

There are some places that are just perfect for taking pictures of Honeypot luminaries. Charleston, South Carolina is one of those places. Wow!

I was there on a Saturday in January for a “Floatoshoot” on the Charleston Harbor for Bee Natural’s Waterkeeper Alliance campaign. Due to the distractions of the town the evening before (the least of which was Newt Gingrich staying in the same hotel that I was in due to bizarre twists of timing and fate) I found myself at the Battery on the harbor about 40 minutes before sunrise, Sunday morning. Normally, I prefer to do my photography in twilight to get the Honeypots glowing in the fading light of another day floating on scenic waterways. But this time it was set up in the dark and watch the day begin. That worked out well for two reasons: 1) Sunrise on the Carolina shores allows for some good back lighting for the Honeypots and 2) I was not in the mood to trudge through the thick estuarine mud to position the candles for a water shot facing west.

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Floatoshoot Tour Crosses State Lines – into South Carolina

Columbia, S.C.

Honeypots at Waterworks in Columbia S.C.

As night approaches, Honeypots appear like Chinese Lanterns on the rocks and ripples of the Congaree River. Kind of spooky when you’re there alone, especially with the owls in front of you and Loch Monster (literally and old rusty canal spillway) grumbling behind you!

Stone, wax, fire, water.

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Floatoshoot: Upper Chattahoochee River

Delay in posting Upper 'Hooch Honeypots
Beeswax and Botanical luminary at dusk

The first Upper Chattahoochee “Floatoshoot” actually occurred in late October 2011. My apologies on the delay in posting it to our blog- the Holiday Season over took me.  I am now getting refocused on promoting the national Floatoshoot tour for the Waterkeeper Alliance.

The National Park Service Whitewater Creek Boat Ramp provided the most convenient access (so far) for the Bee Natural national “Floatoshoot” campaign for the Waterkeeper Alliance, once I finally found it!

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Floatoshoot tour – Savannah, St. Johns, Satilla & Altamaha Rivers

Talmadge Bridge, Savannah River

Bee Natural’s campaign to raise awareness of the plight of our environment continues. We are all mortally dependent on a healthy watershed (as are Honeybees). Therefore, it makes sense that we focus our efforts on highlighting the work of the Waterkeepers! We call the project Bee Natural has embarked on the “Floatoshoot Tour.”  The goal is to take pictures of our beeswax Honeypots on (and around) every body of water that the US Waterkeepers are protecting. This means Riverkeepers, Lakekeepers, Bayoukeepers Soundkeepers, Gulfkeepers etc. Starting in the Southeast (where we already are since we live here!) we have begun to capture the unique beauty that our critical and delicate waterways have to offer, while showcasing our own hand made Honeypot luminaries in a way that makes our bees proud! REMEMBER 25% of your purchase is donated to the Riverkeeper of your choice. Just type the name of your River in the ‘comments’ section on the order form! 

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Altamaha River “floatoshoot”

The Altamaha River was the last of the four rivers visited on the August Floatoshoot road trip. At the mouth it is actually a ‘braided river’ and it was full of opportunities for interesting pictures.

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Southeast Georgia Honeypot Floatoshoot Tour

Honeypots light up the evening at Deep Bend on the Satilla River

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